Sibling Rivalry

All Hail King Julien

I remember the “Golden Age” of television.  Yes, you’ve got that right,  I’m thinking of the 1980’s!  There were so many great, quality programs on for an 8-year-old such as myself.  I remember all the great cartoons and all of the great action shows.  Programs like G.I. Joe, The … [Read more...]

Times are Changing, Make Sure you are Prepared

elderly mom and daughter

As my spouse and I get further and further into adulthood, we are learning a unique twist to parenting.  For our whole lives, it has been about our parents taking care of us.  Then it was about us taking care of our children.  Now, as our mother and fathers get older, we are … [Read more...]

LG Supports Earth Day at Best Buy


My kids at school and I had a lot of fun talking about Earth Day yesterday.  We talked about natural resources and why its important to conserve, recycle and take care of our planet.  I got to thinking that more people need to hear this message other days of the year besides just … [Read more...]

Traveling with Preschoolers

Plane ride

Traveling with children can certainly be a challenge. It is a tough balance that we often struggle with. We want to give our children new experiences and adventures. But we know that in order to do that, it will necessitate some travel time and getting out of ALL of our … [Read more...]