We made ours with a red/silver sequin pillow that I got from the Valentine’s Day section of my craft store, but I found similar ones on Amazon for under $8!

– Cricut Explore Air 2 – EasyPress 2 – Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets (Black) – Heat Resistant Tape – Weeding Tool – Butcher Paper (comes with Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets) – Light Grip Cutting Mat – Blank Sequin Pillow


Create your image on Design Space. I basically took a heart shape from the shapes menu, found a font I liked, entered my daughter’s name and sliced it out of the heart, weld it together and there you go! Size your image for your pillow. My pillow was about 12 inches long so I made my image 6 inches in the width and let Design Space set the height.

Click on Make It and then be sure to mirror the image! Don’t forget this step or your pillow design will be backwards. That might not be a big deal if its just an image but it will be a big deal if you have any wording like a name.

Load your Infusible Ink paper onto your Blue Light Grip Cutting Mat. Caution, the black Infusible Ink paper looks brown when it isn’t heated up. I promise that it is going to come out black, trust me! You can cut the Infusible Ink paper before you load it onto the mat or after, it doesn’t matter.

Load your mat and hit the Cricut button to begin your cuts. Cut away the access if you have any. When you are done, use your hands to weed out all the transfer paper you can. If there is small words, like mine, you might need to use a weeding tool. I then trimmed some of the access clear backing away from my design so that it was easier to work with on the pillow.

Using heat resistant tape, tape the sides down around the image onto the pillow. Make sure you have the sequins all facing the same way on the side that you want the image to appear on. This ensures that the transfer paper won’t move when you are pressing it.

Plug in your EasyPress and heat to 360 degrees. Set the timer for 120 seconds. While your EasyPress is heating place the EasyPress mat down on your work surface. Place the pillow on top of it with your image facing up. Place a piece of butcher paper on top of the pillow. When the EasyPress is heated up place the press on top of the butcher paper and push the timer. 

When the timer goes off, remove the EasyPress and allow the paper and pillow to cool before touching it, this takes just a few minutes. When the pillow and image are completely cooled down, remove the transfer tape and gently peel the image off of the pillow.