Family Movie Night with The Amazing Spider-Man #SpiderManWMT

My son is all about “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” at the moment.  We have figured out how to use this to our advantage… “Good guys eat their vegetables.” “A good guy wouldn’t throw his toys!”  “Bad guys have to sit in their rooms when they are throwing a temper tantrum.”  Of course for Halloween he had to be a good guy, so we found a Rescue Bot costume for him.  He loved it.  When our The Spider-Man Movie came in the mail a few weeks ago, Jonah was so excited to watch it.  Super Hero’s are the quintessential “Good Guy.”

I thought it would be fun to have a Spider-Man Family Movie Night when we watched the movie, so after gymnastics on Saturday, we headed to Walmart to pick up the necessary supplies. We couldn’t have a movie night without food, so we picked up a special Spider-Man MarketSide Pizza.  The pizza box will actually trigger special The Amazing Spider-Man activities on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone using The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App.  You can download the app from  iTunes and Google Play.  By hovering your device over the pizza box, Lizard comes out to play.  You can do the same with your copy of The Amazing Spiderman when it comes out on DVD and you can play with Spider-Man.  If you put your pizza box next to the DVD case, Spider-Man and Lizard with fight!  It is actually pretty fun!

The DVD triggers Spider-Man
The Marketside Pizza box triggers Lizard!

The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App also includes a lot of other fun activities.  I was able to star in my own comic strip as Spidy himself!

Here I am… Spider-Mom!

While shopping at Walmart you can trigger special The Amazing Spider-Man activities on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone by scanning promotional displays.  You can even download the app itself by scanning bar codes on the pizza boxes or displays with your phone!

Scan the bottom right bar code to add the app to your smartphone!

We grabbed our pizza, salad, and beer along with a fun Spider-Man toy for my son to have the perfect family movie night.

While the DVD is not in stores yet (November 9)… you can Pre-Purchase The Amazing Spider-Man, and get an early digital copy!  Walmart offers you to purchase the pre-order version where you can watch a digital copy of the movie on Vudu and then receive a copy in the mail. If you are not familiar with Vudu , it uses Ultraviolet (UV), which stores your digital movies in a  “cloud” so there is no need to download them on your computer!

We ate our pizza in front of the television (a treat in itself) while we watched the movie.

My son loved seeing his good guy beat up on the Lizard.  Seeing as how Jonah is still a little young, we fast forwarded through some of the “yuky love stuff”.  He love the movie!  He has been asking to watch it again ever since!  I think we have found our next leverage, “Spider-Man doesn’t take his sister’s toys and throw them at her!”

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