A Change of Pace

Summer is here and with it I have become a stay at home mom (at least for the next 2 months).  I have been looking forward to staying at home with TJ this summer.  With any change of routine there is a learning curve.  Most of the learning is on my half.  I have been going to work every morning teaching other people’s children, and to have all this alone time with my son has been amazing.  What I didn’t count on was all the work that goes into staying at home all day (mainly caused by my wonderful puppy dog Eli).

Today’s shenanigans began with an early morning walk to the park to play on the slides and sandbox (AKA volleyball court).  Getting out of the house is always a good thing, and with the heat here in Indianapolis we have to get out early to avoid the heatwave. TJ was covered in sand and sweat, but we had a great time playing and learning to share.

TJ was a champ as I took him shopping for groceries and diapers.  We had to go to several stores and he kept his spirits up the entire time.  Shopping with a toddler is a whole experience in and of itself.

When we got back, I started cooking dinner.  I had a container of grease on the stove that I used to drain the fat out of the meat I was cooking.  Well, my dog, who is a very large dog, somehow got to that container and spilt it all over the kitchen floor while I was playing with TJ in the living room.  So I spent the evening cleaning up grease, sand, and footprints from all the floors of my house. I need a good carpet cleaning.

So all you stay at home moms out there, how do you do it?  I am exhausted and I am only through the first half of the first week of summer vacation.  I need your ideas on how to keep kids entertained, dogs to behave and your carpet care tips!  Send them my way so that I can actually start enjoying this time I have with my son.

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    Wow, that looks fun…is it an exersaucer sand box?

    I could use a carpet cleaning too!
    Penelope recently posted..A Good Reminder For Parents

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    Kimberly says:

    When you find out how to get the dog to behave please let me know. Our lab is into everything and causes more messes than any of the children.

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    i love that sandbox!:) so cute!
    courtney recently posted..Sigma NEW Cleansing &amp Polishing Tool Available Now! Plus Coupon Code

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